Beament’s Public Relations team can’t hold on much longer

Public relations (PR) professionals are often called upon to create and build up the image of an organisation or an individual and to give support when issues arise. What happens when situations turn awry and the PR finds it difficult to do damage control? With Beament’s autocratic style, personal crisis, and massive sell-downs, his PR team can no longer hold on. 

Beament’s PR team can only withhold or prop things up for so long. The truth eventually comes out and when it does, Beament will need to further resort to his expensive lawyers to try and save his reputation.

Be transparent of future sell downs 

Beament’s lack of transparency unsettles shareholders and investors. His deceptive conduct has been misleading the market with his massive insider selling, reducing his shareholding in NST by over 70%. If Beament has confidence in NST, he should not be dumping his stock.

He must be transparent with his conduct and announce to NST’s shareholders if there will be further selling down. The lack of transparency from Beament’s future inside share sales is impacting on his business acumen. 

Beament’s salary and Performance Rights  

According to NST’s 2018 Annual Report, Beament receives a total remuneration of $2,183,000 in FY2018, and after his last share sell-off in June 2019 retains 3,141,793 shares.

Ridiculous salary, unjustified performance rights were part of a foregone era where men like Alan Bond reigned. Well in 2019, it appears as though Beament is the new Bond paying himself insane salary packages that erode shareholder value. When the axe falls, he will be under great pressure to explain.

Mining maintenance costs will lead to capital reserve erosion

Increased maintenance and production costs will eat into NST’s cash reserves. Even if Beament and NST’s PR team continue to camouflage the company’s increasing costs and management issues, NST’s shareholders and investors will soon dig deeper, resulting in a mass offloading of shares. 

Market insiders have begun to question Bill Beament’s apparent ‘squeaky clean’ reputation. His support team already have had enough of Beament’s massive sell-offs, personal crises, and autocratic style, and are on the verge of letting him fall.

Beament and his PR team are in full swing, trying to save face by deliberately covering up or glossing over his issues. Beament deceiving NST’s shareholders with his sell downs and personal issues is flirting with possible civil charges. 

Public relations management cannot hold off the inevitability of Beament’s falling out of media, company and shareholder esteem. They can’t defend the undefendable. We expect Bill Beament to announce an amicable NST parting as the company pushes him out the door.

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